Seaplane Services

Our Crew

At Shoreline Aviation, our hardworking crew members are our best asset. These people are the face of our company and we think they do a great job interacting with our customers, taking care of our aircraft, and making sure that the job gets done in a safe, efficient, and enjoyable way. Many of these folks have been with us for over twenty years and have endured the ups and downs (no pun intended) that are part of the aviation industry. We appreciate their loyalty and their hard work.


You have to want to be a seaplane pilot, as opposed to any other kind of pilot, in order to work for Shoreline Aviation. Many of our most experienced captains have tried their hand flying for the airlines or for corporate flight departments. When they decide it’s too boring, they come back to us. Seaplane pilots are truly a special breed. If you talk to some of our pilots, you’ll find they’ve led very interesting lives flying in Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, Canada and Alaska. As a result they’ve had a birdseye view of areas few people get to see. One of our pilots worked with the Jacque Cousteau Society providing flight services during filming on the Calypso; another was repeatedly shot at while doing relief flights over Mozambique. They are the most adventurous group of people you might ever encounter, although if you ask them about where they’ve been, they’ll most likely just shrug.

Eric Atkins, Captain & Chief Pilot, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Eric Atkins
Captain & Chief Pilot
Thea Speranza, Captain & Assistant Chief Pilot, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Thea Speranza
Captain & Assistant Chief Pilot
Rick Riley, Captain, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Rick Riley
Eric Weaver, Captain, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Eric Weaver
Richard O'Such, Caribbean Manager, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Richard O'Such
John Kelly, President & Director of Operations, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
John Kelly
Bill Weist, Captain, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Bill Weist
Alex Quow, Captain, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Alex Quow
Doug Beers, Captain, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Doug Beers
Matt Norklun, Co-Pilot, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Matt Norklun


The maintenance staff at Shoreline are the best anywhere. Led by our Director of Maintenance Dave Lindsay, who has been at the company for over twenty years, the attention to detail and knowledge of aircraft is truly impressive. They know more about corrosion prevention and control than just about anyone and are frequently consulted by operators around the world who want the benefit of their expertise and their secret formulas. When you listen to all of them talk about engines and airframes, it’s like listening to the guys on Car Talk.

Maintenance Crew, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Maintenance Crew: Dave Lindsay, Director of Maintenance, Kyle Nicolosi, Sean Gibbs, Nick Faulkner-Filosa, and Steve Palinkos

Line Crew

Our line crew is responsible for seeing that every aircraft is cleaned and fueled for every flight, and that all the required equipment is on board. At the end of each day, they meet each aircraft as it rolls in, and give it a thorough post flight inspection and complete wash down to remove all the salt, dirt, and grime accumulated throughout the day’s flight. It’s sort of like having your car detailed at the end of every day.

Jeremy Collingwood, Facilities Manager, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Jeremy Collingwood
Facilities Manager
Joe Ross, Line Crew, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Joe Ross
Line Crew

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff is comprised of our reservationists and dispatchers, our marketing and accounting departments, and our parts and purchasing manager. In addition, senior flight crew fill the positions of Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, and Assistant Chief Pilot. It is their responsibility to interact with our FAA Inspectors to ensure that Shoreline remains in compliance with all of the regulatory and safety requirements of that agency. Our Director of Maintenance must occasionally take off his coveralls, put on a tie, and join this group as well.

John Kelly, President & Director of Operations, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
John Kelly
President & Director of Operations
Joan Gitlin, Dispatch Manager, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Joan Gitlin
Dispatch Manager
Dee Stelnak, Controller, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Dee Stelnak
Joe Camarota, Parts & Purchasing, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Joe Camarota
Parts & Purchasing Manager
Martha Fernald, Office Manager, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Martha Fernald
Office Manager
Andrea Collingwood, Marketing Director, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Andrea Collingwood
Marketing Director
Richard O'Such, Caribbean Manager, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Richard O'Such
Caribbean Manager
Willie Delancy, Bahamas General Manager, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Willie Delancy
Bahamas General Manager
Charlene Smith, Bahamas Reservation & Dispatch, Shoreline Aviation, Inc.
Charlene Smith
Bahamas Reservation & Dispatch
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