SeaBird Air’s Most Popular Seaplane Destination This Year – Pig Beach

By Andrea | March 17, 2017

Our SeaBird Air seaplane pilots have become very familiar with the porcine inhabitants of Big Major Cay this year. It is the most requested destination thanks to a couple of television shows. Now the pigs are quite famous and the fans flock to them to get a look or take a swim with these cute…

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Seaplane Pilots Around the World

By Andrea | March 13, 2017

On a recent trip to Ireland, John Kelly met up with a former Cape Air seaplane pilot, Martin Nee. Martin last worked for us in 1995 before heading back to his homeland. We hadn’t heard from him in years, but a little research on Facebook produced results. They met up in Galway for dinner and…

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SeaBird Air’s New Seaplane Pilot, Luca Solari

By Andrea | March 10, 2017

A big welcome to the latest addition to our crew, Luca Solari. Luca is currently flying for our sister company, SeaBird Air, in The Bahamas. His experience is extensive, having flown seaplanes in Switzerland and Italy. For the past several years he has flown scheduled and private seaplane charter flights for Cinnamon Air in Sri…

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Easy In, Easy Out

By Andrea | March 6, 2017

Cape Air has two amphibious seaplanes based in St. Croix from October to May each year. While most of our customers land in St. Thomas, we have come to realize it is more convenient to come in through St. Croix, particularly when you are arriving on a private jet. There are a few reasons for…

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More Day Tripping Adventures in The Bahamas

By Andrea | February 27, 2017

Located just 45 nautical miles southeast of Nassau lies the northern end of the Exumas, an archipelago of over 300 islands. There are a number of great places to visit throughout the Exumas, but if you would just like a small taste of outer island life, you can take the seaplane to Norman’s and Highborne…

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Cape Air Seaplane Maintenance Services; getting our seaplanes ready for the summer season.

Cape Air’s Winter Maintenance Program

By Andrea | February 20, 2017

In the winter Cape Air’s seaplanes go through rigorous, extended maintenance procedures during which the planes are checked out from one end to the other. Our Caravan seaplanes are made in Wichita by Cessna, the Wipline floats come from Minnesota and Pratt & Whitney of Canada supplies our engines. Each one of these companies has…

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Cape Air’s Twin Tower Gardens

By Andrea | February 17, 2017

In an effort to get the whole Cape Air crew to eat their vegetables, we took advantage of the massive skylight in our lobby entrance to install two aeroponic Tower Gardens. So far we’ve grown lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and peppers. Aeroponics evolved out of the hydroponics method of growing plants and…

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Cape Air’s Cold Weather Seaplane Operations

By Andrea | February 15, 2017

Not all of Cape Air’s seaplanes go south for the winter. Believe it or not, there are still some people who want to fly even in cold weather. Although we keep at least one airplane operational in the New York area all winter, it doesn’t mean we can always fly. Some years an early hard…

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Bahamas day trip by seaplane - shells found in the Abacos.

Bahama Treasures – SeaBird Air Day Trip by Seaplane

By Andrea | February 9, 2017

If you’re going to The Bahamas, consider the Abacos  and the smaller barrier islands to their east, known as the Loyalist Cays, for a great day trip by seaplane. The Abacos are often called the jewel of The Bahamas and it’s no wonder. The pace is slower than Freeport or Nassau and the locals are…

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