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After taking in the magic of Sanibel Island, it’s time to let the island of Captiva cast its own spell on you. Shoreline Aviation’s seaplanes can take you to this paradise on Florida’s West Coast in just minutes from Naples Airport.

On Captiva Island you will discover Bowman’s Beach, with its miles of smooth sand and cool turquoise water. During your day trip you might want to rent a kayak or canoe, or for the well balanced traveler, go paddle boarding off the beach. Ecotours are available; they make a great adventure for families traveling together. You might even meet up with a dolphin or two.

The island features some of the most stunning homes in Florida. A bike ride along Captiva Drive is a perfect way to see them. The street is lined with unique landscaping designs from its luxurious palm trees to the many brightly colored flower beds. Foliage surrounds the bike path creating a natural tunnel of greenery with the sun peeking through along the way. On the path you’ll find that local residents have been creative in naming their beachside abodes. “Sun & Moon Manor” and “Lollipop” are just some of my favorites!

Be sure to have your camera at the ready. Your ride may include some unexpected visitors such as iguanas, turtles, and other slow-moving friends hiding among the greenery. Birders may want to keep a lookout for Roseate spoonbills, egrets, and herons. For those hoping to add to their shell collections, you are bound to find some sea treasures here as Captiva is just as well known as Sanibel for its abundance of shells.

After a day of exploring the island, be sure to end your afternoon at the famous Bubble Room, which takes themed dining to a whole new level as you are surrounded by a large collection of vintage memorabilia. After lunch you can take a stroll down Andy Rosse Lane and Captiva Drive for some much-needed retail therapy before heading back to the seaplane for your journey home. Be sure to grab some salt water taffy for the ride!

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