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Cape Air has two amphibious seaplanes based in St. Croix from October to May each year. While most of our customers land in St. Thomas, we have come to realize it is more convenient to come in through St. Croix, particularly when you are arriving on a private jet. There are a few reasons for this, but mainly it is due to our relationship with the FBO (Fixed Base Operator) located at the airport, Bohlke International Airways. They are the only FBO at Henry Rohlsen Airport. Despite this exclusivity, they provide superior service. Their fuel is less expensive than at other Caribbean airports, and the service from Bohlke’s personnel is consistently friendly and helpful. Add to that the fact that the runway is 10,000 feet long, and U.S. customs is much faster and easier in St. Croix than it is in St. Thomas or San Juan, and you have a winning combination.

The Bohlke’s are known as the “first family of flight” in the U.S. Virgin Islands as they are a third generation, family-owned business. These days most FBO businesses are being bought up by larger chain companies such as Signature or Jet Aviation. The Bohlke’s have resisted this temptation. They have been in business on St. Croix since 1959. It is currently run by Chief Pilot William R. Bohlke familiarly known as “Billy.”  They offer most of the services provided by an FBO including aircraft fueling, an FAA approved maintenance facility, charter flight capabilities, and a flight school. In addition to these services, they have three maintenance staff who are pilots, which means, not only are they maintaining their own airplanes, but they can fly to other islands to repair other aircraft. Bohlke International Airways also has a partnership with AeroMD, which provides 24-hour medevac service throughout the Caribbean.

We have found that for our customers, there is just less stress involved in the transfer of passengers and baggage from the jets to the seaplane. Just something to think about for your next trip to the Virgin Islands.

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