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Seaplane Services

Shoreline Aviation Seaplane Charter Services to The Caribbean, The Bahamas, and New York/the Northeast
Why should I fly with Shoreline Aviation?

Because Shoreline is the most experienced seaplane operator in the Northeast. We have been providing safe, efficient seaplane services throughout the region since 1981.

What are the fares for NYC to East Hampton?

The one-way fare between East Hampton and 23rd Street Seaplane base is $595 per passenger on our commuter flights. Discounts are available for frequent fliers. Private charters are available for $3695.

Is flying in a seaplane safe?

Seaplanes have a great safety record. Our aircraft offer the latest in navigation and communication equipment and are equipped with state-of-the-art weather information and traffic avoidance systems. Our pilots are experienced professionals who consider safety their top priority. We have our own staff of highly trained Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to ensure that every aircraft is ready for every flight. The routes between NYC and East Hampton or other resort destinations are flown mostly over water. In the unlikely event of any problem, there is always a landing area available.

What are the directions to 23rd Street Seaplane base?

Located at 2430 FDR Drive, the 23rd Street Seaplane Base is part of the garage and marina complex at the eastern end of East 23rd Street. The entrance to the seaplane dock is clearly marked.

How do I get to Shoreline’s facility in East Hampton?

Shoreline Aviation operates out of the main terminal at East Hampton Airport, 200 Daniels Hole Road in Wainscott. We use Sound Aircraft Services for check-in and handling. Their counter is located inside.

How do I get to the Shoreline facilities in New Haven?

Our hangar facility is located at 60 Thompson Avenue in the General Aviation Terminal adjacent to Robinson Aviation on the East Haven side of Tweed New Haven Airport. We are the first hangar you see when entering the complex.

How early do I need to arrive before my flight?

You have to be checked-in and in the boarding area at least 15 minutes prior to departure.

How long is the flight between NYC and East Hampton?

Flight time between the city and East Hampton is between 35 and 40 minutes.

Where does the plane land in East Hampton?

Our commuter flights land at East Hampton Airport. We also have flights that land at Sunset Beach on Shelter Island. Private charters are available to your yacht or private dock.

What is the address of East Hampton Airport?

200 Daniels Hole Road, Wainscott, NY

Is there long term parking at East Hampton Airport?

The Town now charges $10 per day for parking.

Are there car rentals at East Hampton Airport?

Hertz and Enterprise are both located in the airport terminal.

What is the baggage policy?

On commuter flights the baggage limit is 20 pounds per person. On private charters, the baggage limitations depend on the number of passengers and specific destinations.

What are the requirements for traveling with children (car seats, etc.)?

Shoreline Aviation discourages the use of lap seats for infants. Please bring your own car or booster seats. We do have a limited number of special seat belt harnesses for young children. If you have any concerns, please call our office at 800-468-8639.

Can I bring food or drinks with me on the flight?

These are short flights and space is limited. Please respect your fellow passengers and plan accordingly.

Can I bring a pet?

Dogs and cats are permitted, but they must be in carriers. This goes for pet iguanas too! Pet carriers count toward your baggage limitation.

What is the cancellation policy?

All our commuter flight tickets are booked through Sound Aircraft Services. Their cancellation policy is as follows:

If a passenger cancels with less than 48 hours notice prior to flight time, they will pay the full fare. If that seat is resold, they’ll be charged $175. For any changes made from one flight time to another, passengers will incur a charge of $75.

For charter flights booked directly through Shoreline, the cancellation policy is stated on the trip confirmation sheet.

How many people can the plane seat?

Most of our seaplanes seat up to nine passengers with a single pilot. We do have two executive-configured aircraft that have a maximum seating capacity of seven passengers. If a two pilot crew is required, the seating capacity would be reduced by one.

Are there any additional fees?

In general all taxes and fees are included in the quoted price. On certain charter flights, waiting time, pilot expenses, etc. may be additional. This will be clearly stated on the trip confirmation sheet.

Do you offer discounts on “deadhead legs?”

In general, no. We do have special packages to take advantage of certain deadhead legs; you can ask about these when you make your reservations.

What items are not allowed on the airplane?

Shoreline Aviation does not carry hazardous materials of any kind. This includes items such as gasoline containers or other flammable items, batteries, oxygen or other compressed gases, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. If your package has any of the standard hazard stickers or warnings on it, it cannot be carried on the airplane.

Can I bring golf clubs, fishing gear, surfboards, etc.?

No oversized items are allowed on commuter flights. This includes golf clubs. For charter flights, please inform us of any oversized items when you make a reservation and we will do our best to accommodate you. Items brought without prior notice will not be allowed on the airplane.