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Seaplane Services

Shoreline Aviation Seaplane Charter Services to The Caribbean, The Bahamas, and New York/the Northeast
What kind of trips can I plan using your seaplanes?

Let your imagination be your guide. We can arrange day trips in The U.S., the Bahamas or the Caribbean for some cool sightseeing or sporting adventures: windsurfing, snorkeling, picnicking on deserted beaches, checking out the fall foliage, getting off the beaten track. When we say you can plan your own destination or your own trip, we mean it. Do you want to have a seaplane follow your yacht around for a month in the Caribbean? Do you want to take a scenic week long trip down the intracoastal waterway? How about ten days on ten different islands in the Bahamas or the Caribbean? Give us your dreams and we will try and make them a reality.

Are there any limitations on where a seaplane can go?

There are some restrictions that apply to seaplanes both in the U.S. and in other countries. Certain states restrict seaplane operations on some local waterways such as reservoirs. Special permission may be required to travel between some countries. Call us with your ideas and we will see what is possible.

How far can you go in a seaplane?

Weight is a major factor in determining an airplane’s range. Most small aircraft can’t carry full fuel and a full load of passengers and bags. With full fuel our seaplanes can fly about 4 hours (600 miles) between stops; with full passenger that is reduced to 2 hours (about 300 miles). Most seaplane trips are two hours or less, which is really as long as anyone wants to be sitting on an airplane with no bathroom facilities and no room to move around. Fortunately most of the routes we fly are only about 30 to 40 minutes long.

How many passengers can you carry?

Our commuter aircraft seat a pilot plus nine passengers, or two pilots plus eight passengers. Our executive aircraft have four to six passenger seats. Again, weight is a determining factor. On longer trips we may be limited to six passengers or fewer.

Are there any baggage restrictions?

Again, weight is a determining factor (Are you beginning to see a pattern here?) if you are a group of four adults or have small children, we can probably carry all the baggage you will need. If you are eight professional football players, plan to pack lightly. We do not carry anything that is regulated as “Hazardous Material” or “Dangerous Goods” by any government authority. If you are contemplating carrying surfboards, bicycles, golf clubs, etc., call us for more information.

Do you carry pets?

Dogs and cats are permitted, but they should be in carriers. This goes for pet iguanas too! If you have a service dog, or a larger pet that can not fit in a carrier, call us to discuss options.