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Seaplane Services

Shoreline Aviation Seaplane Charter Services to The Bahamas
Are Shoreline Aviation and Seabird Air the same company?

“Seabird Air” is operated by Land & Sea Charters Co., Ltd, a Bahamian company holding an Air Operating Certificate issued by Bahamas Department of Civil Aviation. Seabird Air contracts with Shoreline Aviation to provide its aircraft and to ensure that its aircraft maintenance and pilot training meets the same exacting standards as Shoreline’s U.S. operations.

What services does Seabird Air provide in The Bahamas?

There are 700 islands throughout The Bahamas and most of them do not have direct flights. Going by seaplane is the quickest way to get to your ultimate destination, whether it’s a resort, a fishing lodge, a private island, or a yacht. We can take you, your luggage, and your provisions to the destination of your choice, safely and efficiently.

How do you go about chartering an airplane?

When you know where and when you want to go, call us. We’ll work out the details with you and provide an estimate of the cost.

Where do we clear Customs and Immigration?

Most passengers on our flights come through Nassau. This is where you will clear Customs and Immigration. There are other entry points on some of the other islands such as Great Exuma, North Eleuthera, Marsh Harbour, and Freeport. If your travel plans have you arriving or departing from some place other than Nassau, let us know and we can help you plan your trip.

What passenger information is required to enter The Bahamas?

Anyone entering The Bahamas from another country will need a valid passport. This includes residents of the U.S.

Is it better to check luggage or bring a carry on bag?

Time is the only difference. Your entry will move faster if you have a carry on. However, if you’re staying for a week, you’ll need to bring more. The baggage claim area generally moves pretty fast in Nassau as there aren’t that many flights coming in at the same time.

How do we connect with Seabird Air once we land in Nassau?

Seabird Air is based at the Jet Aviation facility of the Lynden Pindling Airport located on Coral Harbour Road in Nassau. If you are arriving by commercial airline, you can take a taxi from the arrivals terminal to our location (it’s about a mile). If you are coming in by private jet, we will meet you at either of the two FBOs, Jet Aviation or Odyssey Aviation.

Are there any restrictions on when we can fly?

Seabird Air is a daylight only operation. All water operations must be completed prior to official sunset. Any passengers arriving into Nassau after 4:00 pm may not be able to clear Customs and Immigration and retrieve their bags in time to complete their onward flight before sunset. Please check with us for more information.

Can you land at Paradise Island or at Atlantis?

At the current time there is no authorized seaplane landing area in Nassau Harbor. Therefore all flights must originate at the airport.

What is the departure tax fee in The Bahamas?

Departure Tax or Passenger Tax is collected from all persons departing for a port outside the Bahamas. This tax of BS$15.00 is collected from every person 6 years and older.

Does Seabird provide service to private and charter vessels? Where can you land?

Seabird Air will gladly make transfers to private yachts. We will coordinate with the vessel’s captain to arrange an appropriate location to drop off and pick up passengers. We can also provide provisioning services during your stay.

Are there any conditions in which you don’t operate?

There are very few days in the Bahamas that we can’t fly or find a suitable landing area. However there are certain weather conditions that may result in a trip being postponed or cancelled. Every effort will be made to find alternate solutions for passengers whose trip might be delayed.

What other services does Seabird Air offer?

We also offer sightseeing and passenger excursions to the Outer Islands. We can help you put together a trip to see the swimming pigs, have lunch on a secluded beach, or take advantage of some great snorkeling areas. If you have your heart set on buying that private island, the seaplane is the perfect way to go shopping.