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Seaplane Services

Shoreline Aviation Seaplane Charter Services to The Caribbean, The Bahamas, and New York/the Northeast
What services does Shoreline Aviation provide in the Virgin Islands?

Shoreline Aviation is a private charter company flying Cessna 208 amphibious aircraft. During the winter season we operate a commuter type operation between St. Thomas and North Sound, Virgin Gorda on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  The commuter requires a minimum of 4 paying passengers to operate at a rate of $350 per person one way. The private charter rate for all 8 seats is $2350 one way. On the private charter we depart (subject to availability) when the customer wants to. The commuter option requires departure time flexibility to accommodate other passengers (baggage is limited to 40 lbs. per person).

Where do we clear Customs and Immigration?

We clear inbound customs to the BVI in Anegada (20 min flight). This is a very quick and easy operation. We then fly from Anegada to North Sound (7 min). When we land in North Sound, your resort launch is there to transport you from our seaplane dock to the resort. (3-10 min launch ride). Outbound from the BVI we come in early and clear our passengers out of the BVI in Gun Creek. Once we are airborne, it is a 20 minute flight to St. Thomas. We then walk you through inbound US territory customs and escort you to your mainland airline.

How do we connect with Shoreline Aviation once we land in St. Thomas?

Our courteous and professional crew will normally meet you as you enter the baggage claim area with an IPAD indicating your destination via seaplane. The alternative is to meet at the Gate 10 commuter area. This is just a short walk from baggage claim. We depart from the runway at Cyril E. King Airport. A good traveling cell phone contact is helpful.

There are only two of us traveling. What are my options?

Private charter is always an option. You can also anchor a commuter. If you anchor a commuter, Shoreline will market the trips to the North Sounds resorts and on social media. If we get two or more passengers, then you only pay for two. If it winds up only being two of you, then you will pay for 4. You also have the option of being put on an inquiry list. If a trip becomes available, we will promptly notify you.

Are there any restrictions on arrival times into North Sound?

Shoreline Aviation is a daylight only operation. All seaplane operations must be completed prior to official sunset. Any arrivals into St. Thomas after 4:00 pm should consider that delays may possibly result in Shoreline not being able to complete the trip prior to sunset.

What passenger information is required?

Besides the credit card information, accurate passport information is needed for customs and border protection. Please take the time to fill out manifest information with data exactly as on your passports, ie: middle name, expiration date, etc. A picture of your passport is also helpful. For non-USA passengers, a traveler’s green card and ESTA traveling information is also needed.

Is it better to check luggage or carry on?

Checked luggage can take up to 40 minutes in St. Thomas.

What time do I have to leave North Sound to catch my mainland flight from St. Thomas?

The St. Thomas port authority requests that you arrive 3 hours prior to departure. However, past experience has shown that we can get by with at least 2 hours prior. We normally plan to depart North Sound two and one half hours prior to your flight departure from St. Thomas.

What is the BVI departure tax fee?

The current departure tax fee from North Sound is $15. This is subject to change by the BVIAA.

What are the options and price to travel to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico?

San Juan private charters are available for the rate of $3850 each way. Flight time is 45 minutes. Customs clearance takes place right at our fixed base operator, Pazos FBO Services.

Are private charters available to other islands?

Besides Puerto Rico, Shoreline Aviation has the right to fly from the BVI to St. Martin, Anguilla, Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis. St. Bart’s service is available via the USVI.

Are there other airports that can provide connecting flights to the US mainland?

St.Croix, USVI  also has regular service to the US mainland.

Does Shoreline provide service to private and charter vessels? Where can you land?

Shoreline will gladly make transfers to private yachts and charter vessels. However the only place we operate from the water is in North Sound. Charters can also operate from the BVI airports in Anegada and Beef Island.

What is the cancellation policy?

A 50% charge will be incurred for cancellations within 48 hours. A flight cancelled the day of the flight will be charged at the full amount.

How many pilots are there?

We normally operate each flight with two highly experienced seaplane pilots.

Are there any conditions in which you don’t operate?

The waters of North Sound are very protected. Even with high winds the seas are usually manageable. Shoreline has not missed a flight in the last 4 years. However, operations are always subject to weather conditions.

How many aircraft do you have based in the Caribbean?

Shoreline begins the season with one aircraft. The second aircraft arrives just before the holiday season. Two aircraft remain in the area subject to demand.

What other services does Shoreline Aviation offer?

We also offer sightseeing and passenger excursions to Anegada, the US Virgin Islands, the Spanish Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.