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Welcome to the new Shoreline Aviation website blog! The New Year is upon us and we are hopeful it will be a good one. Shoreline Aviation is entering its 37th year flying around the best places on earth and what a ride it’s been! Seaplanes are our main focus, and they continue to offer the unbeatable combination of convenience and adventure. There are places in the world you can only get to by seaplane, and we’ll help you find them!

In the Northeast our amphibious Caravans are still flying. As long as there’s no ice in the East River, we can continue to offer quick and easy access to Manhattan using the 23rd Street Seaplane Base. Although most people are staying put during the winter months, we are still flying to East Hampton, Shelter Island, and also to some locations on the Hudson.

For those of you who prefer warmer weather – we offer service in The Bahamas and the Caribbean. The most requested day tripping spot for The Bahamas this year is a visit to Pig Beach (Big Major Cay). Yes, the island is only inhabited by pigs, and they do swim. They’ve been there for years and there’s been a lot of speculation about how they got there in the first place. Recently they appeared on a TV show and now they’re famous. It just goes to show – you never know when you might get “discovered.”

The pigs now have their own official website and tourists are flocking to see them. If you stand on the floats and call to them, they may swim out to greet you. Be sure to bring some food; otherwise things can turn ugly quickly. For daytrippers this area has some other great attractions. You can stop at Staniel Cay and have lunch at Staniel Cay Yacht Club, then take a swim with the nurse sharks. Be sure to bring your fins, mask and snorkel so you can also pretend you’re a Bond girl (or James Bond depending upon your sex) and head out to Thunderball Grotto for some great snorkeling action. Our seaplanes are still the fastest way to get to your favorite island resort or your private yacht. There are over 700 islands in the Bahamas and we can go to most of them.

In the Virgin Islands, Shoreline pilots are busy taking guests between St. Thomas and Virgin Gorda to visit the Bitter End Yacht Club and Oil Nut Bay among other venues. The season started early there in order to move some racing sailors back and forth for the BEYC Pro-Am Regatta in October, the official start of the winter sailing season. We have two airplanes there and they will stay busy through April.

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