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It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing some form of advertising trying to lure you in. It’s busy, it’s annoying, and it’s everywhere. Even in bathroom stalls you’re not free from advertising. It was much more fun to read who loves who on the walls than to look at an ad. But the people who have covered our country in this detritus have made a fortune. The young man who came up with advertising on grocery carts earned a fortune and then retired. And don’t you love it when you get in a taxi only to be subjected to whatever infomercial programming they’ve deemed it necessary for you to see. Can’t we just have five minutes of peace and rest our eyes on our surroundings without being overwhelmed with all this busy junk?

For many years Cape Air did very little advertising. While we place ads in aviation guides and boating guides, so people can find us when they need us, for the most part we have survived over the past 38 years on the best kind of advertising – word of mouth. What could be better than our customers recommending us to others?

While our competitors coat the planet with their expensive plastic nonsense on every inch of public space, we will continue to work on providing outstanding service in the hope that our clients and customers will continue to spread the word.

Happy travels-

P.S.  For amusement, watch this somewhat irreverent video on silly signage.

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