Training Continues Even in Winter

Shoreline pilots training for emergency procedures.

The season up here in the northeast is still months away, but we’re busy interviewing and hiring new pilots. This past week was spent training new Captains and Co-Pilots. We are still hiring though, so if you know someone whose dream is to be a seaplane pilot, send them our way!

Seaplane pilots are a very unusual and distinctive group. Their backgrounds are incredibly diverse and they usually have some great stories to tell. Many of them transition to flying after spending time in less stimulating or rewarding careers. Among our new hires we have a young man with a Master’s Degree in biomedical engineering, another who owns and operates his own farm while still finding time to fly in Alaska, and another who has flown to all corners of the earth as a ferry pilot – delivering aircraft to new owners all over the world – a very solitary job. One “new” hire, who is really an old friend, ran his own successful seaplane business for years, retired, and then thought better of it. He is back in the cockpit helping us to develop new business in the Florida market. Some in the industry refer to the flying retirees who return as “Gray Gulls.” I like that term, especially since we have a few of them.

For a couple of our trainees, their next stop is Flight Safety in Wichita where they will learn every detail about the systems and avionics on our new Cessna 208 Caravan EX aircraft.  After ten days of training and simulator practice, their heads will spin but their comfort level with the Caravan will be greatly enhanced.

Next week two of our Captains will head to Survival Systems USA for training in survival skills, emergency procedures and situational awareness. The training, some of which takes place in a deep pool, is somewhat grueling, but at Shoreline, we feel you can never be too prepared.

While some of our aircraft have headed south, more will be on the way and what better place to practice your new skills than Florida. At least they won’t have to worry about icing!

Happy travels,


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