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Cape Air Former Pilots, Nick Sorenson and Adam Schewitz

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Two of our pilots moved on to new adventures after last year’s summer season. After eight years with Shoreline Aviation, Nick Sorenson has gone back to Alaska to fly for a charter seaplane operator there. Nick was one of our most popular pilots in East Hampton and also flew in Florida and the Bahamas. While Nick has been part of the family for quite a while, I think the maintenance staff will miss him most, as he used to cook lunch for them every Friday in the hangar. Nick is a fantastic cook! When he joined our crew, the first question he asked was if we’d help pay to ship all his kitchen equipment across the country. He could not have had a more sympathetic boss than John Kelly, another fabulous cook. John is going to miss the cooking competitions and the foodie conversations he had with Nick. We wish him the best of luck in Alaska and hope he will visit once in awhile.

Adam Schewitz has come and gone a couple of times over the past several years. He began his seaplane charter career with us, then went on to work for a couple of other operators before coming back to fly our seaplanes in New York and in the Virgin Islands. After spending some time living on Shoreline’s crew boat in St Croix, he has set out on the adventure of a lifetime. He bought his own sailboat and plans to cruise the world with his fiancee Alyssa. We’re hoping they’ll come back when they’ve run out of money or places to go, whichever comes first. You might see them sailing through the Bahamas or the Caribbean. Good luck Adam and Alyssa!

P.S We found out that Adam and Alyssa have created a blog about their adventures. You can follow them at http://sundownersailors.com/

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